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Examples: Import from CSV to diagrams

With, you can take your comma delimited data (your CSV file), add some configuration 'code' to define how it should be formatted and connected, and create a diagram automatically! Have a look at our examples in this post, working from basic to complex.

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The ecosystem of integrations

We want to provide a free, high quality diagramming software tool that everyone can use, no matter where they work. Because is open source, as is the diagram format, there are so many integrations available! Where are you using

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Use diagrams in Google Docs

Diagrams are powerful - they make text easier to understand and make your documents look professional. Companies and individuals are increasingly switching to Google's free cloud-based office software and file storage platform. With the free add-ons for Google Docs and Slides, you can quickly and easily add your diagrams as images to your documents and presentations.

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Google Team Drives Support now supports Google Team Drives for saving, sharing and collaborating on diagrams. Simply log into your Team Drives account, and select Google Drive as the storage location for your diagrams.

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Google Docs Add-on Now Supports High-Resolution Images

Are you tired of seeing low-resolution diagrams when you print from Google Docs? This is no longer a problem! Support for high resolution images has been added to the Google Docs Add-on, which allows you to embed diagrams directly in your documents.

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Share Diagrams With Public Google Files

Sharing diagrams with friends and colleagues who do not have Google Drive accounts is now easy. Simply share your diagram, allowing everyone on the internet to find and view it, and create a publicly accessible link that you can send to them.

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Using diagrams in WordPress diagrams can be neatly and easily embedded as an SVG in a Wordpress blog post, and any links within the diagram will function perfectly in the blog post. SVG diagrams load very quickly, when compared to other methods. You can also embed diagrams as pure images, which may be slow to load, but are downloadable, not dependent on [...]

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