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Extract text with the draw.io text plugin

By using the draw.io text plugin, you can extract all of the text in your diagram, quickly and easily, and then edit this text to be readable and accurate instructions. The plugin will save you a lot of time, and improve the accessibility of your flowcharts and business process documentation!

2019-08-15T11:58:49+02:00August 19th, 2019|draw.io|

Create UML activity diagrams in draw.io

UML activity diagrams model processes in more detail than use case diagrams. Use the UML shape library in draw.io to quickly and easily create your activity diagrams.

2019-07-17T20:22:10+02:00February 15th, 2018|Features|

Improving Business Processes with draw.io

There are many workflows in every company and in every industry that can be optimized. It is easier to see areas where a process can be improved when you illustrate the existing process with a diagram. We understand things better and faster in diagram form, so it makes sense to use diagrams when trying [...]

2019-07-17T20:23:35+02:00April 20th, 2017|Features|