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Still wondering what is? It’s an app to create diagrams. You can use it online, download it or add it to Android and iOS for free. We provide integrations for many products (Confluence Server, Confluence Cloud, Jira Server, Jira CloudQuip and others). Numerous third-party integrations are also available (WordPress, Nextcloud, Mediawiki, Dokuwiki, Jupyterlab, Atom Editor…).

Have a question? It may have already been answered in our extensive documentation, in a blog post on this site, or by other community members. Please take a moment to search for what you want to know.


Keyboard shortcuts
Cheat sheets for Windows and MacOS

White papers

White paper 1
Why diagramming can help you improve productivity across all teams in your company

White paper 2
How can diagrams be used in an organization?

Training Material

Self-guided tutorial
Exercises for users who are new to

Series of training videos
For users who are new to

Creating infographics in

Design rules for great infographics

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