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Google Integration

Powerful diagramming for G Suite

G Suite integration is free to license on Google’s G Suite with around 5 million monthly active unique users.  Using with Google Drive inside a G Suite environment has some key advantages.

  • All application data is stored only in Google Drive, there is no additional third-party to trust with your data. Server-side data is subject to Google security only.
  • Multiple Google accounts are supported, including any number of G Suite accounts.
  • is hosted on the Google App Engine and statically serves a fully operational JavaScript application. There are no server ‘moving parts’ which can fail.
  • Your existing backup of Google Drive files will include all files.

Extensive shape library

With thousands of shapes and scalable SVG images built into the shape library, you can easily create all types of diagrams: flow charts and BPMN diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps and tree diagrams, network diagrams, architectural and circuit board layouts, wireframes and mockups, and more!

Compatible with all browsers

Employees in large companies are often required to work with old browsers, like Internet Explorer 8. supports browsers from IE 6 onwards (without any loss of function or performance), and is therefore ideal for an enterprise where updated technology is integrated more slowly.

Unambiguous EULA for commercial use

Diagrams created with can be used in all types of publications, without legal restrictions. Our EULA is clear – you own the content you produce with, and you can use your diagrams for any purpose, including commercially.

I tried couple of these tools and almost had all what i need. Easy and simple to use.

Salah Al Attraqchi

Salah Al Attraqchi, Your Content Goes Here

Perfect tool for collaboration. Intuitive and working fluently.

Marcus Liwicki

Marcus Liwicki, Your Content Goes Here

License for G Suite for free is free to license on Google’s G Suite. It can be installed domain-wide on Google G Suite accounts, and uses Google Drive inside a G Suite environment. offers a powerful solution that everyone in an organization can take advantage of, both for idea development and to present complex information.

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