Diagramming in Confluence – Mass Import from Gliffy to draw.io

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draw.io is the most powerful diagramming add-on for Confluence. It allows you to create and collaboratively develop graphs and diagrams of any kind, directly within Confluence pages: flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, UML diagrams, mind maps and more. A second, mature add-on with similar features is Gliffy.

For customers who wish to upgrade from Gliffy to draw.io, or who want to run both add-ons temporarily or permanently,draw.io comes with a practical feature: Gliffy mass import. All diagrams created with Gliffy in JSON format can be quickly and easily imported into draw.io, and edited as if they were native draw.io diagrams.



Guide for mass importing diagrams from Gliffy to draw.io


1. Install the draw.io app

In the General configuration under “DRAW.IO ADD-ON” select “Add-on Configuration”


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2. Import Gliffy diagrams

In the Add-on Configuration, select the “Diagram Import” tab.
Click on either the “Import all diagrams” button, or the “Import displayed diagrams” button.


3. Download the report

Wait until the import has finished, and download the report. Use the report to see whether all diagrams were converted successfully, and which diagrams were not able to be imported.





  1. Huddie Klein December 29, 2017 at 1:16 pm - Reply


    I’d like to migrate all Gliffy diagramms from Gliffy to Draw.io, but I don’t see the “Diagram Import” tab in the Add-on Configuration. We’re using atlassian Cloud JIRA and Confluence.

    I presume the info in this post is no longer correct, or not applicable to the Cloud versions. Could you tell me how to do this, if it is possible?

    Regards, Huddie

    • admin December 29, 2017 at 1:18 pm - Reply

      Mass migration to Gliffy is only available in Server, currently. In cloud it’s on the roadmap for 2018, but we couldn’t say exactly when at this point. You’d have to manually convert each diagram at this point.

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