Exporting diagrams as PDFs outside Confluence

Like most of our customers you probably will create diagrams using within Confluence.  Once in a while you may still have to export those diagrams for various reasons including... ...sharing your diagrams with a third party that doesn't have access to Confluence. ...embedding your infographics into an external system. There are many [...]

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Merry Christmas 2019

2019 is coming to a close and it's time to slow down, put up a Christmas tree and put presents under it for your loved ones.  Our goal this year is to give you new features year-round and not just at Christmas.   Here are some of the highlights of 2019: Comment function for [...]

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2018 is nearly at an end – have a lovely holiday season!

We've had a fantastic 2018! We've released plenty of useful new features and updates, and had fun meeting all of you at the various events we attended this year. We'd like to say a heart-felt thank you to all of our partners and customers, especially everyone who has given us feedback throughout the year, [...]

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