Commercial open source gives customers the best of both worlds

We've made it our mission to disrupt the world of business diagramming - we want more people able to take advantage of the power of diagrams. That's one of the reasons why we made open source for building diagramming applications so that it is now the world’s most widely used browser-based end-user diagramming application. [...]

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The ecosystem of integrations

We want to provide a free, high quality diagramming software tool that everyone can use, no matter where they work. Because is open source, as is the diagram format, there are so many integrations available! Where are you using

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Export architecture diagrams from Cloudockit to

Your company's IT architecture is getting more complex, and changing faster than ever. Cloudockit lets you automatically visualize your cloud architectures and export this to

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Merge simultaneous diagram edits on Confluence Server

Collaboration in Confluence got a massive boost in version 6.0 when Atlassian added support for collaborative editing, and you can now merge simultaneous changes on diagrams in for Confluence Server.

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Comment on diagrams in Confluence Cloud

One of the most heavily used features in Confluence is the ability to comment on content, and now you can comment on diagrams in Confluence Cloud!

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Using the Business Model Canvas template in

You can easily create your own Business Model Canvas in with your distributed team using our template. A business model canvas visually shows you the different aspects that must be considered when building your business or improving an existing business and lets you focus on how you can best attract customers and partners, build the best product and service and mitigate potential problems.

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Shape styles in

By editing key:value pairs in (Edit > Edit Style, Cmd or Ctrl+E), you gain complete control over how your shapes and connectors appear in your diagrams. There are hundreds of key:value pairs that can be customized - open these sample diagrams in to see what is possible.

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