Blog 2017-08-25T10:30:13+00:00 Self-Directed Training Course

We have created a foundational self-directed training course for This course expands upon the concise Getting Started with for Confluence, giving you a deeper understanding of diagramming and helping you work with more effectively and efficiently.

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We had an incredible time at the first ever Atlassian Summit Europe 2017, where was the diamond sponsor. We got to network with a great bunch of people at our pre-event information session, and meet [...]

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Infographic: Why Diagrams Are Important

To go with our earlier blog post explaining why diagrams are so powerful and important, we've created a new infographic. You can use this to persuade your co-workers and management to make available to [...]

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Atlassian Cloud and Diagramming Add-on Pricing Changes

On 29th June 2017 Atlassian announced a new pricing structure for JIRA and Confluence Cloud as well as all Marketplace add-ons for Cloud, to make the pricing structure more flexible. Here's how it might affect you.

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40K+ Reviews

A huge thank you to our users for leaving us more than 40K reviews and giving an average rating of 4.92 out of 5!

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Are you convinced that diagramming is both useful and necessary in your company, but your colleagues don't yet share your enthusiasm? You can use our white papers to support your case and help to [...]

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Create a Container Shape in

Any shape in can be turned into a container - a shape containing several other shapes. Containers are useful for indicating groups of steps or sub-processes in a flow chart, collections of data, or groups within a hierarchy.

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Organization Charts and Mind Maps in

It is now much easier to add shapes and manipulate tree diagrams in You can quickly build mindmaps, organization charts and mindmaps with special keyboard shortcuts and other useful features.

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Floating and Fixed Connections in

Sometimes you don't want to connect to any particular connection point, but to the edge of a shape. And perhaps you want one end of a connector to move and the other to stay in one position. There are two types of connections, indicated with blue and green frames in

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Use on a Tablet

You are used to using diagramming software on your desktop. But sometimes you want to work on a diagram when not at your computer. Put away your keyboard and mouse - works just as well on a tablet.

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