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Create Venn diagrams with

You can use Venn diagrams to group,compare and contrast anything based on their shared or different traits. It's easy to create Venn diagrams in - there are several templates that you can choose to use, and you can even create extended Euler diagrams (spider diagrams) from our templates.

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Use to mockup your mobile apps

You wouldn't just start coding your mobile app without creating a few diagram mockups first.  And makes this easy! With a huge library of shapes for various devices and interfaces, you can create your app mockups with just a few clicks.

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Import and export VSDX files

It's easy to work with files of other formats in One of the more common diagramming formats, especially used in large companies, is the .vsdx format. Because not everyone in the company has access to this diagramming tool, they can use to open, edit and export .vsdx diagrams.

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Customizing the interface in Confluence Server

You can make diagramming faster and easier by customizing the interface in Confluence server instances. Do your diagrams need to match your corporate style? Are you sick of having to constantly set specific [...]

By | December 8th, 2017|Categories:, Tutorial, Videos|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments is now available as a Trello Power-Up! is now a Trello Power-Up! Just like how diagramming can be used in a huge range of situations, Trello is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used for any and all [...]

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First time using It’s easy to use!

I recently had the chance to do a short apprenticeship (Praktikum) at //SEIBERT/MEDIA. It was fantastic, filled with lots of great food, fantastic co-workers, and useful experiences. One of those experiences was to try out in Confluence for the first time and compare it with some of the other tools.

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Using anchors within in Confluence

If you are using Confluence, I'm sure you have extremely long pages, somewhere within your intranet.  Anchors can make a long page more readable. You don't want to have to scroll through the whole page to get an overview from the many headings. Use to spice up a long Confluence page and capture the attention of your users.

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Gliffy vs

One of the most common questions we get is "Why should we switch from Gliffy to" There are many reasons why, and one of the most important (other than's unbeatable price), is that you'll save a heap of time every time you work with a diagram!

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Which format should I export a diagram to?

As with most drawing tools, you can export to a wide range of formats with But which format should you use?

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